Why Every Compay needs Facebook and Marketing!

400 Million Global Users, and Counting!

Facebook announced recently that they had passed 400 million members and counting.

• Average Facebook User Spends 55 Minutes Per Day:

Nearly one hour per day, per user. That’s a lot of Facebook time. How can your company grab a bit of consumer attention? This data is based on Facebook’s own published stats, covered by Inside Facebook.

• Nearly 80,000 sites using Facebook Connect:

Connect is the Facebook initiative that has the greatest long-range impact. By integrating Facebook closely, sites are making our personal social graphs truly portable. Instead of having to go to Facebook and other sites to visit our friends, they travel with us online (and in our pockets via mobile devices), always there to provide advice or commentary. Even Yahoo! and MySpace are rolling out deep Facebook integrations. This of course makes Facebook the central hub of not just social media, but the Web (which is why Google is scrambling to catch up after their competing Google Connect fell flat).

• Average Facebook User Has 130 Friends:

Image how fast your company page can reach to your friends and potential customers dramatically overtime!

Facebook may not be the ideal environment for every social media initiative, but its huge size forces you to at least consider participating, regardless of what type of business you run. Conversely, some brands are putting an awful lot of eggs in the Facebook basket, which is perhaps justifiable based on the facts above.

Is your business taking advantage of Facebook? How important is it to your social media efforts? What advice do you have for creating content and managing Facebook fan pages? Come to our courses and find out more!


Course Highlights:

In this course, we’ll go through facebook advertising platform (power editor/ Ad Manager/ Business Manager) and how to design your advertisement that is impactful to attract desired audience for your business!


Course Benefits:

Know your audience
When you’re clear about who you’re communicating with on Facebook, you can create experiences around your audience’s interest and likes
Gather more leads
Just having people Like your page isn't enough to provide yourself with a long-term, sustainable business. Facebook is a good platform to grow your customer base into offline customers.
Increase web traffic
f all that you are doing on Facebook is getting engagement on your posts, then you are merely just an entertainer and not a marketer. Therefore it is imperative that your business website gets relatively large number of visitors with your Facebook engagement posts.
Targeted advertising
Facebook has precise and highly-effective targeted audience. This saves advertising costs and budgets and hence the money spent goes in showing ads only to the relevant target audience.


Who is this suitable for?

This workshop can provide numerous benefits to business owners, giving a high Return Of Investment (ROI). Individuals can get to learn and improve their skills or as a head start in the digital marketing landscape to do marketing and advertising accordingly for different clients across various industries!

Course Objectives:

  • Trainees will undergo a classroom coaching to acquire all the competencies required to post a facebook page and market it to attract desired audience for their business.
  • Trainees will be issued a Certification of Achievement by E-Solutions upon completing the training program and pass all the prescribed tests.
  • To improve individual skills set whom have passion in facebook marketing, and to pursue further business in social media aspects.


Course Pre-Requisite:

  • All individual is required to bring their own laptop to the course


Course Schedule:

  • Total training hours: 8 classroom hours
  • Total number of module: 8 Modules
  • Course Duration: 1 day / 8 classroom hours
  • Number of trainees per class: 10 trainees (min) to 20 trainees (max)

Trainees must attend the modules and complete all classroom exercises before they can proceed to take the prescribed tests.


Course Assessment Program:

  Test Type Description   No. of Questions   Duration   Passing Marks/ Percentage
  Test Paper   Understanding Facebook Markerting methodology and ad campaigns   20 MCQ   30 mins   16 correct answers / 80%
  Practical Test   Implementing a simple ad campaign using the techniques taught   1   2 hours   Implementing all techniques /  100%



  • Course Fee: $300 + 7% GST per trainee

Course fee inclusive of training material (1 set of notes)

Course Modules

1.1 Understanding FB Power Editor, Ad Manager and Business Manager interfaces
1.2 Fundamentals on FB Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ad Types 
1.3 Jargons demystified 
1.4 Cost-per-click, cost-per-thousand-impressions and cost-per-action
1.5 Free tools and software to boost efficiency
2.1 Setting effective goals and metrics
2.2 Successful case studies across different industry 
2.3 Importance of setting goals for measurement
3.1 Facebook Pixel 101
3.2 Facebook Business Manager
3.3 Implementation of conversion pixel
3.4 How to track conversion pixel
4.1 Connecting with exisitng Facebook Fans
4.2 Custom Audience
4.3 Lookalike Audience
4.4 Create specific targeted audience with behaviors, demographics, interests and locations
5.1 Key elements of a high conversion landing page
5.2. Create opt in / sales landing page
5.3 Create thank you page
5.4 Using leadbox for high conversion blog post
6.1 Case studies of viral ads
6.2 Create ad designs with free software
6.3 Create campaigns within your budget
6.4 Create multiple ad sets for effective targeting
7.1 Using columns in Facebook Reports
7.2 Determine and analyse important metrics
7.3 Analyse your overall campaigns, ad sets and ad metrics
7.4 Optimise campaigns to lower cost and optimise conversion rate
8.1 Revise ads that are performing and under-performing
8.2 Review and scale ads that breakeven or profit
8.3 Repeating entire process across different industry, business and market